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What is EuroMagNET ?

A coordinated approach to access, experimental development and scientific exploitation of all European large infrastructures for high magnetic fields.

Birth of EuroMagNET II

From FP6 to FP7

Research infrastructures are part of the EC’s current priorities in structuring the European research area. Among these, the importance of high magnetic field facilities has been recognized, as witnessed by the continued EC funding of many high magnetic field projects. Under FP6, three different projects have been accepted. The Grenoble High Magnetic Field Laboratory (GHMFL) is currently running a TNA program (until 31/12/2007), whereas the TNA of the High Field Magnet Laboratory (HFML (...)

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The main objectives of the EuroMagNET II integrated infrastructure initiative are : to stimulate and to coordinate the transnational access to all European large infrastructures for high magnetic fields in order to optimally use the capacity and optimally satisfy the users’ needs.to structure and expand the high field user community by stimulating the exchange of information between high field user groups, the high field facilities and other potentially interested scientific communities. (...)

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EuroMagNET II organizes and coordinates a set of 9 activities : WP1 : Management / coordination of the various activities and contacts to the European commission WP2 : Networking activity / exchange of knowledge, information and technologies among the high magnetic field infrastructures, their users and the research community. WP3 : TNA Laboratoire National des Champs Magnétiques Intenses (LNCMI), Grenoble, France WP4 : TNA Laboratoire National des Champs Magnétiques Intenses (...)

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