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TNA LNCMI Toulouse

TransNational Access / Laboratoire National des Champs Magnétiques Intenses, Toulouse, France

Description of the infrastructure

The LNMCP pulsed field infrastructure is built around a 14 MJ capacitor bank, that can be switched between 10 magnet sites on which different pulsed magnets are installed (see table below), amongst which Europe’s record magnet (78 T). The magnet sites are equipped with state-of-the-art scientific equipment, like a dilution refrigerator (down to 50 mK), UV-VIR-NIR and FIR spectrometers, high pressure cells (up to 10 GPa), cantilever and compensated coil magnetometers etc, all optimised for (...)

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Description of work

The LNCMP offers full access to all the magnet sites of its high field installation and all the scientific equipment associated with it to all qualified users. Its scientific, technical and administrative staff will support the user in preparing, executing and evaluating experiments and with travel and housing arrangements. The scientific instrumentation of the LNCMP belongs to the best world wide for pulsed field experiments and allows for a large variety of high quality measurements. The (...)

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