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Three joint research activities (JRA) will improve the quality of existing instrumentation and will create unique instrumental possibilities, to better serve the existing users and to further attract new users.

High Field User Magnet Technology and Operation (WP7)

The central tools of all high field science are the magnets and their power supplies. The focus of this JRA is to jointly enhance the performance, reliability, and ergonomics of the technical installations in the European high field facilities for the benefit of the user community.

Nano object measurements and local spectroscopy (WP8)

An important trend in modern science is the investigation of smaller and smaller structures with properties determined by a nano-sized group of atoms or molecules. Examples are semiconductor quantum dots, organic nanostructures and carbon-based systems like nanotubes and graphene. To unravel their electrical, optical and magnetic properties it is crucial to measure the response of individual nanostructures. The objective of this JRA is to develop new experimental techniques, adapted to the very heavy spatial and temporal constraints of high field magnets, to determine the properties of individual nanostructures and to perform local spectroscopy.

Enhanced Sensitivity and Single Scan NMR (ES3-NMR) (WP9)

The aim of this JRA is to jointly develop the necessary instrumentation for cost-efficient NMR experiments in ultra-high magnetic fields and to make it available to the high field user community. The focus of this JRA is the enhancement of the NMR sensitivity, to compensate for the high cost of resistive DC magnetic fields and the limited duty cycles of pulsed magnetic fields.