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WP7 - JRA High Field User Magnet Technology and Operation

Aim of this Joint Research Activity is to improve the performance and usefulness of the high field magnets at the four large infrastructures. This activity will pursue coil design coordination and development of common design tools and the creation of design and materials databases. A significant effort will be put in improving the magnetic field quality in terms of cooling efficiency, field stability and noise. The target will be to increase the stability and to decrease the noise by at least a factor of ten. After a concerted action with the user community, special purpose user magnets with radial access will be designed, constructed and put into user operation. To our knowledge pulsed field split coils with reasonable lifetime do not exist and the design field of the DC radial access coil will be far above the highest existing radial access magnetic field of 15 T. Apart from the general user community which will benefit from this activity, the two other JRA work packages of this project (see below) will also strongly profit. The improved noise performance will greatly facilitate high sensitivity measurements on nano-systems (WP8) and will be essential for the NMR work package (WP9).